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Travel Articles

Roatan: A Scuba Diver’s Treasure Chest
Roatan, in the Western Caribbean, features scuba diving at its best. Thousand-foot walls festooned with deep water gorgonians, coral gardens, barrel sponges, pillar coral, 60-foot deep ledges crowded with blackcap basslets, mini-walls clustered with bluebell tunicates, pinnacles overgrown with azure vase sponges, and shy indigo hamlets peering from niches are all aspects of scuba diving in Roatan in the Bay Islands of Honduras

Scuba Diving in Bonaire: Don't Get Caught Unprepared!
Every trip to Bonaire tends to be filled with diving and little time for planning. It's easy to forget some of the items on the proverbial "to-do list" among the frenzy of unlimited shore diving, incredible conditions and visibility, and the camaraderie of thousands of like minded Scuba divers scurrying around the island. This year, I choose to leave no desired task undone...

Lake Pleasant: Phoenix's Backyard Oasis
Lake Pleasant is our oasis in the desert. Every weekend thousands of people come to the lake to enjoy their activity, which could include everything from Scuba diving to sea plane flying. Lake Pleasant is public access and open to everyone.

Savvy Dive Travelers and the TSA Rules and Regulations
This article discusses Scuba travel and related challenges, specifically looking at TSA restrictions and their impact on Scuba divers.

Rocio Del Mar Liveaboard Makes the Sea of Cortez Its Home
The Rocio Del Mar is a new luxury liveaboard that takes you to some of the most incredible and infrequently visited dive spots in the Sea of Cortez.

Training Articles

FREE Underwater Photography Made Easy iBook
Featuring positioning, lighting, macro, wide-angle, video, buoyancy and more! Covered in easy-to-apply techniques, you’ll love this easy to use, interactive guide. Perfect for all SeaLife camera owners or anyone ready to dive into underwater photography.

The Heart of a Solo Diver
A solo diver is not someone who just dives on their own, on occasion. A solo diver is someone who is prepared at the highest levels with a host of contingencies for even the most remote problems that may occur.

Self Sufficiency: Are you prepared?
For years the term "Solo Diver" has been tantalizing the industry because it debunks the practice that the buddy system is an absolute. Whether you are an advanced level, frequent diver, or still finding your way to a dozen dives as an open water diver, you have already learned this is a sport of skill and knowledge. Divers at every level need to invest the time to become more self-sufficient.

Alert Diver Magazine Now Available for the iPad and iPhone
Can't wait for your next issue of DAN's Alert Diver? Now it is available for the iPad and iPhone. No more waiting by the mailbox.

Fool Proof Methods Scuba Divers Use to Equalize Their Ears
For most divers, clearing their ears is simplistic and routine. However, for those who have been out of the water for a while, or for those new divers who are still getting the hang of this, the following is a great primer on the different methods for clearing your ears while Scuba diving.

Community Articles

Lake Pleasant Weekend Dive Report: January 21-22, 2012
Conditions at the lake this time of year may be a bit chilly, but water levels are up about 30 feet since summer, making for great visibility with excellent light penetration.

May 31: Lake Pleasant Dive Report
Lake Pleasant is one of Phoenix's best opportunity to dive local. Read about recent conditions at the lake

Desert Dwelling Scuba Divers Have Many Options
Arizona has a well developed dive community. Phoenix is home to a tight local contingency that dives together, travels together, and socializes together. Arizona is ripe with options for local Scuba divers of all levels.

DiveBuddy.com Is My Dive Buddy
DiveBuddy.com is a place where you can appreciate experiences of other divers and share your experiences in a sport that is filled with so much passion.

Boat Diving is Growing Trend for Scuba Divers in Lake Pleasant
Diving from a boat on Lake Pleasant offers divers a comfortable environment with better visibility, and during the summer, ease of entry and finding deeper depths is certainly a reality.

Equipment Articles

New Seacure Mouthpiece Improves Fit and Comfort
The new X TYPE has improved the already great FIT and COMFORT of SeaCure Mouthpiece 2SeaCure mouthpieces!!!

New Fourth Element Dealer in Phoenix Arizona
Academy of Scuba is pleased to announce today that has expanded its growing product line of Scuba diving gear to include Fourth Element.

Put away your iPhone, aquaSketch is your next app!
The aquaSketch Minno is a rugged underwater notebook, sketchpad, and reference platform that brings all the convenience and versatility of paper to the marine environment. This cool Scuba diver accessory is small enough to be worn on the wrist or stored in a pocket, yet it can hold up to ten feet of waterproof paper-like material that is printable, scanable, and reusable.

Sidemount Diving: Fad, Phase, or Here to Stay?
Sidemount is now in the mainstream diver’s curriculum and tool box. The question: Is sidemount diving a fad, phase, or here to stay?

Oceanic’s Pioneer Wetsuit Blazes Path to New Standard
Oceanic Worldwide has just released its latest innovation to the scuba diving community – the Pioneer line of advanced premium wetsuits. Combining not one, not two, but THREE exclusive Oceanic technologies, the Pioneer line represents a significant evolution in exposure protection.

Environment Articles

Whale Sharks - Eye to Eye with the Largest Fish on Earth
An encounter with a Whaleshark can be the most awe inspiring experience in your diving career. Whale sharks are not only the largest sharks, but also the largest fish in the world.

Scuba Divers Recycle Christmas Trees and Help the Aquatic Environment
Scuba divers recycle Christmas trees and help the aquatic environment with Lake Pleasant's Artificial Reef Program.

Ten Tips for Preserving the Underwater Environment
Inspired by one of Project Aware's brochures I have put together a quick list about how divers (and non-divers) can help protect our underwater playground.

Seahorses: Mysterious and at Risk
As a Scuba Diver, finding a Seahorse is only second to finding treasure. It's a rare and beautiful find. However, only 5% of juvenile seahorses make it to adulthood. So every threat to their habitats or populations puts them further at risk.

Scuba Divers Understanding the Ocean: Coral Reefs and Sponges
Two of the most predominant species in your dive site are sponges and coral. Many divers don't know one from the other, some divers can identify them, and very few know the difference.

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