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Put away your iPhone, aquaSketchTM is your next app!

John Flanders, Academy of Scuba - Master Instructor / Instructor Trainer
November 26, 2012

The silent world lures divers to its depths over and over again. The solace and bliss that waits is an instant cure for the hustle and bustle that we leave behind on the shoreline. As you shut down your telephone and log off your wifi connection, these items are replaced by a regulator and camera. Taking only pictures and leaving behind only bubbles is a diver's mantra.

However, every once in a while you do have to communicate with your buddy, take a note, or review a resource to help you with your dive. Fancy hand signals, awkward slates, and inefficient notebooks are generally poor substitutes for verbal communications. However, it's that same communication we are trying to escape. So, how does a diver effectively communicate, take notes, and store useful reference tools? Pick up your next "app" – the aquaSketchTM.

No, the aquaSketch MinnoTM is not a fancy computer program. The aquaSketch Minno is a rugged underwater notebook, sketchpad, and reference platform that brings all the convenience and versatility of paper to the marine environment -- as well as all other extreme settings. This cool Scuba diver accessory is small enough to be worn on the wrist or stored in a pocket, yet it can hold up to ten feet of waterproof paper-like material that is printable, scanable, and reusable.

In addition, aquaSketch has developed a collection of pre-printed reference Apps. Some of these Apps have room to sketch and take notes, however most of the Apps are purpose driven. These purposes include Fish Identification Slates, Pre-Dive Checklists, Dive Site Maps, Dive Plans, Decompression Schedules, Hand Signal References, Dive Log Pages, Navigation Aids, and more. Additionally, at DEMA 2012, aquaSketch unveiled its first professional App that will assist Scuba Instructors in keeping track of lesson plans and student performance. A useful organization and risk management tool for the dive professional.

The future is on your wrist! aquaSketch is the world's most advanced writing and reference system for the world's most extreme conditions. aquaSketch is calling out to all "App Developers" to custom design Apps for use with their wrist mounted device. The potential of the aquaSketch is only limited to the imagination of the divers using it. Take your diving to the next level and imagine the potential.

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