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Tag: equipment

New OTS Full Face Masks Lets in More Light

| August 20, 2014 | admin | 0

The Frosted Skirt Guardian Full Face Masks allow for more light to come in, illuminating the face and creating a brighter overall look of the mask. Some have noted they feel as if they even have a wider field of vision!!!

Are you protecting your Cobalt?

| March 23, 2014 | admin | 0

Protect your Atomic Cobalt Dive Computer!!! The new Atomic Aquatics Cobalt computer case is available at Atomic Aquatics leading Phoenix Arizona area dive shop – the Academy of Scuba!

FREE Underwater Photography Made Easy iBook

| August 11, 2013 | admin | 0

FREE Underwater Photography Made Easy iBook from SeaLife and Annie Crawley

Featuring positioning, lighting, macro, wide-angle, video, buoyancy and more! Covered in easy-to-apply techniques, you’ll love this easy to use, interactive guide. Perfect for all SeaLife camera owners or anyone ready to dive into underwater photography.

Designed for the iPad and iPad Mini, and also available as a downloadable PDF.

Introducing the Amphos Dive Computer by Sherwood Scuba

| March 5, 2013 | admin | 0

The Amphos is a two gas wrist computer that can Gas Switch up to 100% on the second gas. Much like its sister computer, the Wisdom, the Amphos offers an easy to read interface and intuitive screen navigation. The Amphos is simple so a diver can focus on diving, not figuring out how to read their computer.

Oceanic launches the new ProPlus 3

| January 25, 2013 | admin | 0

As Academy of Scuba President, Jeff Varner says, “No more squinting”. Oceanic belives that a dive computer should deliver crucial data quickly & without confusion….Read More

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